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Wendi Kirby's Music Studio offers both piano and music class instruction starting for children as young as 3-months-old.

Young Children

Minuet — Music & Movement

Minuet classes address the whole child: Children sing, move, play, listen, and create music from birth forward. Designed to encourage the cognitive and tactile development of a child through music, these are multi-sensory classes in an engaging, safe, and age-appropriate environment. The goal with Minuet is not only to teach children about music, but also improve their coordination, fine motor skills, and social-emotional development through the use of simple instruments, group movement activities, and circle games. Studies show that engaging in music from the very beginning of life enhances brain development and cognitive skills, giving children a head start in reading and language skills. Join us once a week for 45 minutes of joyful bonding and music with your little one!

Smart Start Music

For children 3-23 months old

Back-and-forth vocal play, whole body movement, listening, rhythm, and sensory play.


Toddler Muse

For children 2 and 3 years old

Singing, listening, learned relaxation, rhythm, and story time.


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    Children & Adults

    Piano Lessons


    Private lessons combined with a monthly group class that offers the opportunity to practice performance in front of peers in a casual and social environment. Through these lessons, students are prepared for formal performance opportunities such as recitals and achievement programs, including Royal Conservatory of Music Exams and Certificate of Merit (the testing system coordinated through Music Teachers Association of California). These are invaluable experiences for students looking to progress their talents year after year.


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